Tuesday, March 7, 2017


It's sad to realise that people don't blog anymore nowadays.

I was on my bed, chest prone reading through old posts of some old friends while reminiscing good memories. 

Those were the times before smartphones and fancy apps came into existence, when avid people talk to each other, when kids knew how to have fun and play outside under the burning sun, when love was real & sincere, when beers were cheap, when face-to-face arguments were genuine, when teh O ping still cost RM1.20..

When blogging was a thing back then.

You see. Back then, almost everybody had their blog, posting a lot of random stuff, photos, life experiences, spiritual sharing to inspire known/anonymous friends/followers. There would be daily posts from regular bloggers. Everybody had something to share and there were always something to read/laugh about every day/week. 

I would still visit some of my favourite blog pages every now and then, reading their old posts. It's kinda hopeless to accept that those blogs had been left idled and dusted for years.

 Long gone. Sigh.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Life on its own mind

Waking up in the morning, 

The mood is yet to kick in but the brain has started working. You start recalling the dream you had last night till you give up to actually find the head to tail of it. You move on to think of what you should do today apart of your routine. Probably while you're showering/having a cup of your regular coffee/in the toilet shitting. And it comes. A big idea. A big thing you wanted to do for a very long time. Some massive project, probably a song arrangement/lyrics, a different kind this time, which you gamble could beat any of the current hit, some awesome phrases/quotes you made up in your mind, talk big stuff and long hours with your boss over a cup of teh tarik, get the project signed and ready to execute finally big celebration after office hour. Or just maybe directing a short film with new cinematic ideas and camera angles. Or just as simple as " Will I live well today?"

Tick, tock, tick and tock its already 11pm at night. And you wonder what happened today.

Shit right?

I don't know about you guys, but this happens to me almost everyday. And I get bored and tired. 

Ive been thinking a lot lately. Hoping the very mess I created/already exist both in reality and imagination could restore itself. But just like Adam Sandler said "Shit happens". And they eventually did happen. 

So here I am, idling mind wondering what would come next. 

Tame your mind.

Teach me how to write again. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Từ Việt Nam với tình yêu

" Trước hết , tôi thực sự đánh giá cao sự tò mò của bạn để biết chính xác những gì đoạn này là nói về. Bạn nên tự hào về bản thân mình để trở thành một con người mà luôn luôn là mong muốn biết nhiều hơn nữa. Tin tôi đi , bạn xứng đáng với nó .

Tôi là một chàng trai nhìn rất tốt . Nghiêm túc . Tôi không tự hào nhưng mà tôi chỉ là tôi. Tôi không thể giúp được. Nếu bạn không đồng ý với tôi , bạn có được tốt hơn tìm kiếm hơn tôi . Cam on. "

OK. I do not have much words to do the typical introduction like how some good people do. 

I visited Vietnam last year.

I am proud of myself as it finally happened which I thought it was just pure rubbish I was babbling about years ago. Going to places, carrying big bags like those backpackers, eating real street food, cheering beer with strangers, meeting new friends,.. and the lists goes on.

It was consider breaking the virgin since it was my very first trip travelling as a backpacker. I did not have the typical big backpack by the way considering my asian body size and I did not want to look like a midget carrying an oversized bag. I was accompanied by a friend who has tried backpacking once to Philippines which means, Vietnam was his second trip. *clears throat*

Anyhow, with minor hiccups here and there, got lost while strolling, no proper to-do list,  forgot to pay for our beer, sunburnt, the 5-day trip was really worth it. Definitely looking forward for another visit. Enjoy the pictures. 
The original beef noodle aka pho
First meal at Vietnam as a breaking ceremony. BTW, never put your personnel belonging on the table like what I did. You are just inviting crime to happen. Keep em safe.  
The coffee was so good, that every sip of it made me cry, literally.

A carrying pole vendor with her goods in her twin baskets. This is common here. Respect 
Taking the pau sasau to the street, Vietnam style. Meet my partner, Zico. 
Definitely look like a Vietnamese 
The Mekong Delta Trip. They local said crocodiles mingle around the Mekong river and at some point the canoe-men paddled hastily. I guess they did sense the fella presence in this stream.
Street barber stall. There were a few more units down this walkway and most of the customers were school kids and uncles.
A quick stop to one of the biggest statue in Mekong region (I suppose)
"They see me rollin', they hatin" quoted 9gag. This guy was cleaning his vegetable at the rear of the boat like nobody's business. 
Some cool wall graffiti of a street coffee shop. 
 Vietnamese lady. Such a good package right? =)

If you love food, pork, noodles, coffee, some local beer to taste, visiting war remnants, south east asian stories, pretty ladies, beautiful people, and worth the reasonable amount of money to travel, try Vietnam. You will sure want to plan for the second visit. =)

Oh, I need to top up my Trung Nguyen coffee. Hmm.