Tuesday, March 7, 2017


It's sad to realise that people don't blog anymore nowadays.

I was on my bed, chest prone reading through old posts of some old friends while reminiscing good memories. 

Those were the times before smartphones and fancy apps came into existence, when avid people talk to each other, when kids knew how to have fun and play outside under the burning sun, when love was real & sincere, when beers were cheap, when face-to-face arguments were genuine, when teh O ping still cost RM1.20..

When blogging was a thing back then.

You see. Back then, almost everybody had their blog, posting a lot of random stuff, photos, life experiences, spiritual sharing to inspire known/anonymous friends/followers. There would be daily posts from regular bloggers. Everybody had something to share and there were always something to read/laugh about every day/week. 

I would still visit some of my favourite blog pages every now and then, reading their old posts. It's kinda hopeless to accept that those blogs had been left idled and dusted for years.

 Long gone. Sigh.

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